Body psychotherapy

Core Energetics is a path towards recovery, when life crisis challenges you, when broadening perspectives is desired. Unconscious experiences and emotional records memorized in the body find vital expression. Body signals are consciously decoded, confidence in one’s own abilities becomes strengthened. Mindful awareness leads to centricity, self-esteem, more loving relationships, strength and responsible action.… weiterlesen

What is Core Energetics?

Core Energetics is a form of energy and consciousness-oriented body work. It continues and expands the psychoanalytic approaches of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen with its focus on the interrelationship between body, mind and soul. Connections between muscular tensions and vegetative disorders, insights and pent-up feelings and the psychological conflicts underlying them are examined.… weiterlesen

Individual work with body work

The body work progresses gradually and carefully in order to give people access to the flexibility of their resources. Even before birth the environment begins to shape our body and every perception influences our attitude. Over time, we adopt an attitude based on this evolved form. The body stores experiences and changes the structures of bones, tendons and muscles.… weiterlesen

Theoretical background:

John Pierrakos and Alexander Lowen were students of Wilhelm Reich and placed Sigmund Freud’s basics of depth psychology and Wilhelm Reich’s findings of somatic psychology in a direct connection. Both worked as psychiatrists and founded the ‘Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis’ in 1956 to develop a form or body-oriented psychotherapy. In 1974 John Pierrakos developed the ‘Institute of Core Energetics’ from this approach.… weiterlesen

Individual work in the sense of depth psychological psychotherapy

Psychotherapy (TP) based on depth psychology is a form of psychotherapy that is based on the theoretical foundations of psychoanalysis to Sigmund Freud and its further developments. Treatment usually takes place face-to-face, usually weekly, but always tailored to the patient’s / client’s requirements.

The TP is based on basic psychological assumptions. The word ‘depth’ in depth psychology refers to hidden depth of the unconscious (unconscious or misunderstood desired, motives and conflicts) and to the ‘depth of time’, i.e.… weiterlesen


The heart of Core Energetics is the core (heart, innermost). It stands for the quintessence of the inner, for the purpose of life and for transcendence. The Core is our Higher Self. In the core there is no duality, no good or evil. Here every person ‘instinctively’ feels the truth. Warmth of heart, confidence, forgiveness, realization of one’s purpose of being one and not separated are at home here.… weiterlesen

Body and system-oriented couple work

Living together, loving each other, feeling joy, closeness and intimacy, trusting, overcoming conflicts and crisis together – these are the longings and wishes for our love and at the same time the challenges that always require determination and open hearts from women and men. In the couple relationship we open-up, feel more sensitive and at the same time are more vulnerable.… weiterlesen

The path to your inner self is the path to joy of life, beauty, acceptance and love for yourself and others.

The path to your inner self is the path to joy of life, beauty, peace, acceptance and love for yourself and others. For me, respectful interaction with openness, mindfulness and compassion is the basis for encounters and healing. The holistic approach of my work includes your body, your mind, your behaviors, your feelings and your psyche.

This is how I would like to accompany you in your uniqueness in your personal development.… weiterlesen