Body and system-oriented couple work

Living together, loving each other, feeling joy, closeness and intimacy, trusting, overcoming conflicts and crisis together – these are the longings and wishes for our love and at the same time the challenges that always require determination and open hearts from women and men. In the couple relationship we open-up, feel more sensitive and at the same time are more vulnerable. This opening, which is reflected in physical well-being and trust, can result in old, psychological conflicts and traumas emerging and becoming effective between the partners. Body work promotes sensitivity to one’s own body feelings as well as the ability to expression towards oneself and in contact with others.

With movement and expression work, we create a space to feel yourself and your partner and to experience new things together. Wishes and expectations, desire and joy can come to life, restraint, rigidity and stuckness can melt. It is a risk to confide in your partner with all your feelings and physical emotions. It is healing when the other person is there and stays. I promote the possibility of distinguishing between feelings that are based on past experiences and current conflicts, in order to relieve the strain on interactions. This creates space for love and space to see each other and let each other be.

Understanding the dynamics of a couple or family system with its effects from the past through the present into future finds its resonance in approaches to systemic couple work which complements the other approaches.

When working with couples, I support clarifying processes (also in the male / female tandem with an additional person). I support sensitive and direct contact in relationships to live one’s own potential. Inspirations from the work of Eva Pierrakos and others are included.

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