Dr. Cornelia Harz

Body and psychotherapy counseling,
individual sessions, workshops, women’s group

You are the most important person in your life!

‘Putting yourself at the center of your life’

My work comprises accompaniment of my clients in unfolding their ability to love. Discontent, heaviness, tension, pain or stagnancy burden you and you don’t want that anymore. Therapeutic conversation and body work define the path to smoothen or dissolve tension and to solve conflicts. My work includes attentiveness, dialogue, touch, addresses apparently suppressed reactions and movement impulses in order to support healing as well as personal growth to unlock the joy of life.

I offer both types of therapy separately or together, conversation-oriented and body-oriented therapy. The concept is of course discussed with the client / patient and then I can provide the individual support.

The focus is always on you

The path towards your inner core / yourself is the path towards joy of life, beauty, acceptance and love for yourself and for others.

Respectful and sincere intercourse as well as openness, mindfulness and empathy lay the foundation for encounter and healing.

With the holistic approach including body, mind, feelings, soul and behavior I would like to accompany you in your uniqueness in your personal development.

We also speak English 🙂