Body psychotherapy

Core Energetics is a path towards recovery, when life crisis challenges you, when broadening perspectives is desired. Unconscious experiences and emotional records memorized in the body find vital expression. Body signals are consciously decoded, confidence in one’s own abilities becomes strengthened. Mindful awareness leads to centricity, self-esteem, more loving relationships, strength and responsible action. The psychotherapeutic process takes place in form of body interventions in conjunction with dialogue and analytical reflections.

Blockages and old injuries are released, traumas can heal, fears subside, and crises can be overcome. Being creative and open again from the inner strength, from the CORE gives space for loving joy in being.

  • Individual therapy
  • (Group therapy)
  • Couplets therapy
  • Consultancy

In crisis situations, counseling supports and strengthens good relationships, for example in family conflicts.

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